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How to improve Team Spirit & Communication in any Football Sports Team side

One of the most important tools in a football field that has a player is communicating with your teammates and coach. In a communication field it has to be constant, thanks to her we know the position of rivals and peers regarding ours to choose the best decision to play that can range from a pass to a shot.

Such an important tool like this, often not worked in the right way and see players who are not taking advantage of the communication on the field. Sometimes players do not communicate with them spoiling progression opportunities, sometimes communication is not adequate; a shout too encouraging that players with less personality on the field is coming down, and others do not understand the message that is sent to them.

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There is a myth that has led some officials wrongly indicate faults when players say “mine” or “leave it”; after consultation with Ais Reig, referee of the second Spanish division and fourth official on second and first, we were specified that only must whistle missing when ” the player says something with the intention to confuse or mislead the adversary, ” thereupon free indirect is noted in the place of action and the player who committed the infraction is punishable. So, although it not lack recommend players avoid those words when they have opponents closely to avoid misinterpretation of the referee.