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Here is how to increase your hits while playing Baseball


A baseball game is divided into nine periods of play, each one of which is called entrance or inning. The team scoring the most runs over nine innings wins the game. The game begins when a player named pitcher or pitcher throws ball toward the opposing team’s hitter who tries to hit (hitting with the bat) the ball into the pitch. Players score runs hitting the ball and running around a series of bases, remove them before any player on the opposing team. Batters and runners can be removed in different ways.


Baseball is played on a level field, which usually occupies about 0.8 hectares. The field is divided into the infield and infield and outfield extra camp or; these two areas together constitute the fair territory, while the rest of the field is called bad area or foul.

The infield is a square shaped field called ‘diamond’ of 27 m square, one corner of which is marked by a piece of rubber, shaped irregular pentagon, called home plate or goal. Hitters, depending on your preferences, hit the ball from a position to the right side or left of the goal . In the other three corners of the internal field goal in moving from the direction opposite to the clockwise, are the first, second and third bases, each marked with a pillow.
The pitcher’s mound (pitcher), a piece of slightly higher ground, is near the center of the internal field between the target and the second base and has a rubber band nailed on top of it, at a distance of 18, 4 m from the target; pitchers must have one foot in contact with the band when they put the ball in play.


The basic material of the sport includes a hard ball, bat wood or aluminum , a padded glove leather for each player, shoes heels and helmets for batters. Catchers receivers or wearing special protective equipment with a helmet, a mask, protective overalls padded chest and shin guards.

The baseball has a cork center wrapped with layers of rubber and rope, and is covered with pieces of leather that have been tied with force . A baseball measures about 23 cm in circumference. Bats are typically aluminum or wood elastic, such as ash, and maximum dimensions are 6.9 cm in diameter and 107 cm in length. Specific rules also describe the measure and construction of gloves, spiked shoes, batting helmets and other equipment of baseball.


A baseball team has nine players on the field, where each of them is responsible for a particular position. The pitcher puts the ball in play by throwing toward the goal. Every shot is called release. Holding the ball in a special way and adjusting effects, pitchers can run various pitches, combining these techniques with changes of speed on the releases, to make it harder hitters hit the ball. The receiver or catcher receives the ball and returns it to the pitcher unless the batter hit the ball before achieved. The receiver also supports the goal when a runner tries to score a run.

Hitters can use baseball batting aids to improve their swing and hit more runs.

Players first base, second base and third base are located in a base or close to it, while the shortstop is between second and third base. They are responsible to catch the ball when it is hit to the infield and infield or eliminate the runners when they try to move around the diamond. Three outfielders outdoors or individually placed in the right field, center field and left field, being responsible to catch the balls hit to the outfield.

While a team is in the field, the other makes his at bat: one player after another, according to a previously specified order. The rules vary slightly batting in the big leagues. In the National League, the pitcher also batter, while in the American League, a player named designated hitter, batting in place of the pitcher. The designated hitter, when no exchange of roles, does not take position on the pitch.

Here is how to increase your hits while playing Baseball

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