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Day Spas to relax and rejuvenate yourselves


Spas are a serene oasis amid the noise of the city and are integrally designed to promote states of vitality, relaxation and harmony. Whether for a short massage in a break from the daily maelstrom or for a full day off, urban spas help us find those unique moments in the daily chaos. Then we show our tour of some of the most recommended in the city.

The Skin and Makeup Institute is have one of the best day spas in Phoenix AZ. Customers can come to The Skin and Makeup Institute’s spa and enjoy relaxation, facials, chemical peals, and natural skin care services.

Makeup Institute’s Spa is the true heart of Phoenix and is the best natural skin care Phoenix spa. It is characterized by its atmosphere of luxury and sophistication specially designed to promote vitality, relaxation and harmony. Each space Spa features a unique atmosphere for every moment or mood. For example, the relaxation room is a warm atmosphere of relaxation, with Persian rugs, warm towels, candles and trays of fresh fruit and herbal teas to prepare the body and mind to a massage or treatment. For its part, the Beauty Lounge is a pure bright atmosphere, white and mirrored style and armchairs. The Fitness Center is equipped with latest technology, designed to promote the physical work in a friendly and warm atmosphere.

Services: The spa promotes meditation and learning, both spiritual and physical. It is unique in combining ancient healing rituals with their treatments; in addition to providing daily yoga classes, meditation and pranic healing therapies to remove bad energy and align energy centers. It also has a menu specially designed for vegeterian food taste in day spa.

It recommended: recently appeared in the country Remodeling Face , an innovative beauty treatment that combines advanced technology, innovative approaches and personalized attention to achieve immediate and lasting results. Therapies and treatments to achieve effects as larger eyes, more prominent cheekbones, less deep wrinkles and facial contour better defined without pain or invasive techniques are used.

Rates: They have many promotions and special combos, which includes yoga, relaxation room, sauna, relaxing massage and meditation. There are also some full proposals, as the Day Spa, in addition to all the services of Spa includes hairstyle or manicure and pedicure at the Lounge.

Wellness Packages – They have wellness packages consist of treatments that will slim, tone, firm, detoxify and reduce the appearance of cellulite.