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Tips for playing Baseball better through right swings and shots


In baseball, the bat is difficult by nature to handle. If we give more importance than it deserves these factors will batting impossible to carry out. By using the following tips and having a training sleeve players can improve baseball batting swing.

Simply, if you put the bat in the palm of your hand you reduce flexibility. At the other end, if you place yourself too much on the fingertips doing a very weak grip. Simply put, the bat placing in between the palm and fingertips, where you have the added convenience and flexibility.

Baseball and softball players, whether in Little League, Collegiate, or pro athletics, they can use the Call the Shot product to improve their swing.

Pressure that is exerted on the bat

There are two ends to exert pressure on the bat; which does not tighten the bat enough and it is too tight. Very few hitters who do not exert enough pressure to keep the bat in his hands, this occurs mostly in children’s leagues. The most common problem occurs at the other end. Many are too tight batters bat.

Pressing the bat more than necessary tension begins in the hands, which is then passed to the arms, shoulders and torso. When the batter comes to realize, if you realize the whole body is tense and rigid. It is impossible to develop a good swing with Rigid body and lacks fluidity. Rely on your instincts. And let them tell you how much pressure you exert on the bat. The best example can be found hammering a nail. Surely not pull the hammer all the time. Simply press enough before contact with the nail so that the hammer does not get out of hand.

When performing a swing you use the same technique. the bat is held hands relaxed, and before making contact with the ball your instincts and tightening the right time and how much pressure you exert on it.

Proper position in the batter’s box

Many players are recognized only to see the position they assume in the batting cage. All the best players have a particular stand in the batter’s box position. But no matter cal is the initial position of each to start his bat on ball direction all arrive at a common position. This position to attack the ball is:

The majority of body weight holds the rear leg.

The front leg meets the foot barely touching the ground.

The tip of the front foot pointing inward.

Knees slightly bent.

The front shoulder inward.

Body hands apart about six or eight inches behind the rear shoulder.

The bat in a position of 45 degrees to the ground.

Jaw almost in line with the front shoulder.

In this position you must reach all batter. The common sense tells us that taking into account that this is the position that we must come and have only half a second to hit the ball so our starting position in the batter’s box should be as close as possible to this position.

In short:

The correct starting position in the batter’s box is as follows:

Legs aligned toward the pitcher.

The separation between the feet should be slightly more than the width of the shoulders.

The tips of both feet should be pointing toward the plate.

The weight should be tilted slightly forward on the forefoot.

The hands of a separate body six to eight inches.

Head in a position that allows seeing the ball with both eyes.

From this position the appropriate changes according the individual skills become. There are two essential elements in position to hit. First, it must be dresser and second, it must work. To have a consistent contact with the ball you can not have one without the other.

By having a training sleeve on the barrel of the bat, players can focus on hitting the ball in the sweet part of the bat resulting in an increase in better hits.