Changing to a Green Plan for Our Energy

When my husband and I were first able to choose the company that we wanted to provide us with our energy, we just stayed with the company that we had been using up until that time. I never thought about changing to another Texas electricity company until just recently. I understand that rates will go up with just about anything, but I was surprised when I looked at the rates and saw just how much they had went up in the last few years. I knew that we did have a choice, so I went online so I could see if all of the companies that provide energy to Texas residents had the same kind of increase.

When I did this, I learned that we had quite a few options that were better for us. It did help that we were going to be new customers and could take advantage of new customer deals, but I read beyond that so I could see what the prices would be like after the deals had expired for being new to the company. That is when I saw that the prices were much more reasonable for some of the companies.

It did help that I was able to read about some of the newer rate plans too. With each company, they are trying to bring in more customers who want green energy. I had never really considered it before for us until I started reading about all of the benefits of having a green plan. We would be helping the environment a good deal, but we would also be helping our bill too. I liked both aspects of getting on a green plan so I went ahead and made the change. Even when I have to pay the regular rates, it is going to be much better for our budget!