Easy Ways to express and overcome your Grief


What one could infer from J.K. Rowling’s quote on Dead Harry is to not to pity the dead but to pity those people in this world who are without love and this is especially for those people who have lost their loved ones and are in extreme levels of griefs. Those bereaved people are unable to overcome their grief and this is because they could not find a way to express their love and memories that they have over their departed ones.

The traditional ways of expressing grief is having a full fledged and procedural funeral and then building a memorial. However, now things have changed, times have changed, the traditional ways may be helpful for senior people and people of a couple of generation ahead but today’s people stay in touch with everyone through web and social networking their grief has to be expressed in many ways especially through an obituary.

Heal Grief helps people to express and overcome their grief by many ways including building a memorial, writing an obituary and also with the support of other people by joining or attending a workshop or camps to heal griefs that are conducted through virtual platforms.