Equipments needed for playing Golf

The first thing you buy to go to practice is a glove. Right-handers need a glove for the left hand and one for left-handed right hand.

Gloves can be leather or synthetic material, but in both cases be very thin so as not to lose touch and sensitivity.

Most important of a glove, especially when learning to play, it is that it is strengthened, especially in the fleshy part of the palm.

Then come the sticks. At first I only need a stick. You can rent it every time you go to practice, but if you rent a stick 15 times supposed to 2 euros 30 euros, and for that money you can buy one. Another option, as we have seen, is to buy second hand. It is now easier with the proliferation of stores used even in golf specialty stores items.

While considering that soon we will need more sticks, which can also be a good option is to acquire a set of average set of clubs and bag.