Impact of high blood pressure on health and its symptoms


Stress is becoming a growing concern among people today and no one is an exemption to it right from small kids to old people everyone of us is prone to it. Many reasons such as survival insecure, irregular lifestyle pattern, poor food habits, contaminated and adulterated food products, lack of sufficient sleep and many more, there is a non-ending list of items that cause stress in people.

Now, as people try to keep cope-up with stress they end up with varied mental and physical health issues and one of them is hypertension which colloquially is called as high blood pressure. Unlike some of the common health issues that people see like diabetes, cardiac diseases etc., as high blood pressure is change in level of bodily blood pressure it makes it little bit difficult to identify it through symptoms. And it is suggested that people under go a regular medical check up to check the blood pressure levels. As high b.p can cause many diseases and disorders, it is very important to keep a track of it and keep it under control.

Though very fewer symptoms are available, still it is better to know the hypertension symptoms and check using it whether you have high blood pressure. Some of the symptoms of it are as follows :

– The very first way is to buy a device available with pharmacy or drug store to measure the blood pressure levels and use it to check the blood pressure

– Frequent chest pain, though the same is also a symptom for cardiac related diseases, it shows high blood pressure in heart

– Head ache and eye pain followed by blurred vision

– Poor sight see followed by drowsiness

All of the above or a combination of it might be considered as symptoms of hyper tension and just one of it cant help you to conclude over high blood pressure.