Tips to improve communication within Football field


To be successful as a team it is therefore necessary to devote part of the training to emphasize the importance of communication in the field, and to establish effective communication standards:

1) Develop a continuous communication within the field : Expressions such as “only”, “pass”, “strip”, “band”, “door”, “out” etc. They must be constantly present in the communication of a football team.

2) Correct choice of words and their interpretation : We must define clearly the words you are going to use and explain the interpretation to do the player to hear. For example the word “only” is used when the player who receives the ball is no opposing player nearby, and means that the player can drive the ball safely. On the contrary the word “out” shall mean the opposite, the player is in danger and must clear the ball.

3) talks where each player explain his way of communicating in the field: This way will prevent misunderstandings or been discussions among peers, and know who are the loudest, the most commonly enervate, etc.

4) brief, specific and concise communication: It should say what you want to say at the right time, quickly and as soon as possible so that the reaction partner is in the same way as quickly as possible.

5) Avoid distractions: Communication is fine but in the field should only be about the game.

6) The criticisms and recriminations are charged to the coach : They should be discussed in a moment that is not playing.

7) The mood toward peers must be constant : it has been to encourage the players in both good deeds and that the idea has not curdled.

These are basic to accomplish a good communication in the pitch standards, we hope you have been helpful and that in practice do them in your next matches. Greetings and our next post.